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Cornelia was born in Harnett County, North Carolina, and was the fourth of ten children. As an avid traveler, she loves and embraces other cultures. All of this has inspired her to share her story. Although her healing process was painful and gradual, she ultimately reclaimed the person within, whom she believed to be lost. It was a hard-won triumph of will. From this experience, Cornelia found herself inspired by an irresistible desire to write. Ironically, she discovered that her impoverished childhood provided her with a rich source of material for poetry and songs. So, she began to express, in a creative way, all her repressed feelings of shame, humiliation, and anger. What has been a therapeutic act has burgeoned into the creation of over one hundred poems and songs, a one-woman play and countless performances around the world. First and foremost Cornelia McDonald is a humanitarian. She has taken the art of healing and transformed her pain of abuse and poverty onto the world stage. This poet, storyteller, humanist, dramatist, and inspirational speaker uses her childhood and life experiences to convey a message of hope. She chooses the arts as her mode of communication because it is the universal language of healing and hope. Her work evokes tears and laughter simultaneously. Whether she is performing for small groups or for an audience of thousands, her message is simple but profound “-- you can overcome your past to become a fully realized human being."

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